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2nd ONLINE get-together meeting among Czechs, Slovaks and Japanese

Now, all the people of the world have been under Covid-19 pandemic for several years, In addition, Russian invasion of Ukraine has been continuing for more than 5 months, by which international community has been placed in serious crisis or uncertainty.

In these circumstances, The Japan-Czech Association and Japan-Slovakia Association together would like to hold the on-line get-together meeting ,following the 1st meeting, held in March last year, by the following details. Through the discussion of this get-together meeting, we would like to see the mutual understanding and friendship get deeper and larger between Czechs, Slovaks and Japanese, and the worry about the international situation even a bit eased, and the participants in this on-line meeting find new friends .

The communication language is considered to be English, and, regardless of the fluency or non-fluency of this language, we would like to have a frank and straightforward discussion or dialogue between participants to deepen the mutual understanding and solidarity between us for the future.

Details of the second online get-together among Czechs ,Slovaks and Japanese are: .

Date : Saturday, 22 October 2022、18:00-19:30 (in Tokyo. Prague/Bratislava will be 11:00AM-12:30PM. The meeting can be extended to 20:30)

How: By ZOOM (link will be sent later)

Organizer of the meeting: The Japan-Czech Association and Japan-Slovakia Association

Who can participate: Czechs, Slovaks and Japanese (from all over the world)

For example, Czech living in UK or Slovak living in NZ can join . However, Spaniard living in Tokyo cannot join.

No participation fee.

Language: English

Main subjects of the discussion

1) The life under Covid-19 pandemic,

2) How to evaluate the Ukrainian situation,

3) How to make the psychological distance less between Czechs , Slovaks, and Japanese etc.

How to join:

Please send an e-mail to the joint secretariat of Japan-Czech Association and Japan-Slovakia Association

Please mention following details when sending the application:

1) Full name

2) Your nationality

3) Current address (at least the name of city/town/village and country)

4) Your profession

These individual information would be kept strictly at the joint secretariat and will be deleted immediately after the event.

Important notice:

1) Please turn off your microphone when you are not the speaker

2) Please send the application till 30 September 2022.


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